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Long Span Steel Structure

Long Span Steel Structure

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Long span Steel Structure is transverse span which is more than 200m. Long span steel structure works under its own dead load, so the main problem is to reduce self-weight of structure.

Usage of long span steel structure
Public constructions: Theatre, Exhibition hall, Stadium, Station, etc.
Special purpose buildings: hangar, garage, etc.
Production type buildings: aircraft factory,Shipyard and so on. These constructions adopt long span steel structure, which is determined by the machine size and manufacturing process.

Drawings for large span steel structure
we have professional and experienced design engineers . All you need to do is telling us your demand details.

Installation for large span steel structure
In general, we will number the material and provide the detailed construction drawings.
If you worried about the installation, no problem!
We have the service of installation, supervision and training. We can send our engineers to guide the installation on site

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More than 50 years
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