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How to estimate the cost of light steel structure workshop

Light steel structure workshop is favored by designers and builders because of its light weight, large span, short construction period and rapid construction. Why does the cost of a light-weight steel structure factory that appears to be simple to produce vary widely? How should customers know how to make a preliminary estimate of the cost of a steel structure factory?

First of all, it is necessary to make clear what factors affect the cost of light steel structure workshop.

The data show that the main factors affecting the cost of steel structure workshop are the selection of steel type, design cost, workshop area, steel consumption, transportation cost and so on.

Although the appearance of the same type of steel structure factory buildings is the same, but because of the different building area, the internal space cutting is different, the type and number of steel components required are naturally different, and the cost will change accordingly. Therefore, customers have to make a preliminary budget for the construction cost of steel structure factory buildings, so as to have a good idea of it, they should start from measuring the area of the factory buildings they need to manufacture. Only by knowing the construction area of their own factory buildings can they better estimate the amount of steel used and the construction cost of the factory buildings.

Secondly, when discussing the price, we should pay attention to the type of steel, the supporting materials for roofing and wall envelope system and whether the manufacturer of steel structure will provide manual installation service and so on. At present, the steel products used for making steel components in the market are mainly Q235 and Q345, and the strength and price of different types of steel products are also different. Therefore, before discussing the price of steel structure factory buildings with manufacturers, we can make a preliminary understanding of the price, model and quality of steel products through the Internet or on the market to avoid being harmless. Factory cheating happens.

Finally, to make light steel plants cheaper, customers can choose to install their own doors and windows to save money.

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