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Rust-removed technical For Pre-engineered Steel Structure Shed Building

Shot blasting technology is currently one of the advanced processes for surface cleaning, strengthening, polishing and deburring of various machine parts in the world.

The equipment is mainly composed of shot blasting, wear-resistant rubber ring belt, screw auger, lifting , Separator, feed conveyor, dust remover and electrical appliances. 

It has been widely adopted by many industries. This machine has high functional and technical content, and can be designed with PC control and electrical automatic control, with automatic monitoring, automatic protection and stepless frequency conversion speed control devices. 

It can achieve the purpose of one machine with multiple functions. 

The main principle is to abandon the compressed air as the power method, and use the shot blasting device and centrifugal force to project the surface of the workpiece at high speed, especially to clean the dead corner of the inner cavity of the workpiece, so as to achieve the required brightness, cleanliness and roughness. 

The purpose of strengthening the surface of the workpiece and improving the service life and aesthetics of the parts greatly.

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