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What are the competitive advantages of steel structure car shed

Generally mature residential areas will have garage or shed, which is generally used for parking bicycles or electric vehicles for households. To avoid the corrosion of bicycles and electric vehicles caused by wind, sun and rain, the shed of general residential areas is made of steel structure materials. Why not use plastic plate as the shed as before?

 What are the competitive advantages of steel car shed?

1. Mechanized production, instead of traditional welding process, adopts assembly method.

2. Strong functionality, multi-function in one, energy saving and environmental protection.

3. Simple in shape, fashionable and beautiful in appearance.

4. Adopt advanced spraying technology, rich in color, never fade, delicate and natural.

5. Strong and durable, perennial maintenance-free. The structure of steel is homogeneous and close to isotropic homogeneous. The actual working performance of steel structure is in accordance with the theoretical calculation results currently adopted, so the reliability of steel structure is high.

6. High strength and light weight. Steel has high strength and high modulus of elasticity, so steel structural members are small and light. Under the same loading conditions, steel self-weight is small. It can be used as a large span structure. Because of the small bar, it is also easy to install and transport.

7. Good plasticity and toughness. The steel structure has good plasticity and toughness, is suitable for bearing impact and dynamic loads, and has better seismic performance.

8. Weldability. Weldability refers to the integrity that steel can keep the welded part from cracking during and after welding. With the development of welding technology and the adoption of welding structure, the connection of steel structure is greatly simplified.

9. Convenient to mechanized manufacturing. The steel structure is made of tied profiles and steel plates in the factory, which is convenient for mechanized manufacturing, high production efficiency, high speed, high precision of finished products and easy to guarantee quality.

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