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What preparations should be made before using color steel sheet?

Colored steel plate is divided into two kinds: single-layer colored steel plate and sandwich colored steel plate. Generally, houses built with colored steel plate can only see the surface of the steel plate, and the steel plate itself is non-flammable. If we want to use it better, what do we need to do before we use it?

Before using the color steel plate, it is necessary to check the completeness of the color plate surface. If the surface defect affects the appearance, it should be stored separately and properly protected for other use.

The color plate is drawn accurately before issuing the data, and the error of drawing on both sides is not more than 2. The vertical plate and the roof are installed smoothly, tightly and uniformly, and the gap is controlled at 3_width, so as to ensure the quality of subsequent gluing, the vertical angle of the wall is vertically intersected, and the vertical deviation of the vertical plate is not more than 2. The vertical roof and the roof joint are flat and tight, and keep relatively flat after loading. The longitudinal connection between the roof of the deflection less than L/240. and the roof is strictly controlled, and the concealed steel beam is adopted.

When the length of the ceiling plate exceeds 2500, the lifting beam should be strengthened.

Colored steel plate is a non-combustible material at room temperature, but its strength will decrease rapidly when it is roasted by fire. Especially in the case of fire in large-span buildings, colored steel components are easily distorted and deformed by high temperature, which leads to large-scale collapse of buildings.

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