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Poultry feeding buildings

Steel structure Poultry feeding buildings is a new type of light steel structure building system formed from a main steel framework comprised of H section, Z section and U section steel components, the roof and walls use sandwich panels or one layer corrugated steel plate.

The characteristics of Steel structure Poultry feeding buildings
1. Possesses a wide span, with either a single or multiple spans and can have a maximum span clearance distance in 36m without middle columns.
2. Low cost with unit price ranging from USD29 to USD65 per square meter FOB according to customer's requirements
3. Fast construction and easy installation
4. Has a service life of more than 50 years
5. The warehouses are also environmentally friendly, have a stable structure, are earthquake resistance, water proof, and energy saving.
Main materials of Steel structure Poultry feeding buildings

1.       Q235, Q345 H section steel structure for columns and beam
2.       Pre-embedding anchor bolts for connection columns to foundation
3.       Intensive bolts for connection tween columns and beams
4.       Wall/roof panel: one layer corrugated steel plate or sandwich panels
5.       Windows/doors, PVC, aluminum alloy, steel, etc.
6.       Color steel plate or galvanized steel gutters and PVC tubes for rain water

Our advantage:
Area advantage for steel materials
China, which produces over half of the world ' s steel. And Hebei steel output rank first in china for many years.

Rich experience
We have been working on steel frame building constructions for more than 10years. We have build many different constructions for various industries, such as Metallurgical industry, Chemical industry, Machinery manufacturing, Electronics industry and so on.

The Most Considerate Service
we have professional and experienced design engineers . All you need to do is telling us your demand details.
If you worried about the installation, no problem! We have the service of installation, supervision and training. We can send our engineers to guide the installation on site

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