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Prefabricated Steel Structure Hangar

Prefabricated Steel Structure Hangar
Steel structure building is widely used as workshop, warehouse, factory, prefabricated house, hotel, church, garage, etc. It is durable, economic and environmentally friendly.

Name of Building: Prefabricated Steel Structure Hangar

Structure System: Steel Portal Frame + Space Truss Structure

Prefabricated Steel Structure Hangar Features
Steel hangar has characters of light weight, high strength and large span.
Short construction time: For example, a 3,000m2 building can be finished within 30days by 5 workers. Therefore, it reduce the cost of investment
Steel hangar has good fire resistance and corrosion resistance.
Steel hangar is easy to move, and cause no pollution to the environment.
Steel hangar can assemble cranes to meet your production requirement

Project Details:

1. Design data: Wind load-0.75KN/m2; Roof Dead load-0.2KN /m2; Roof Live load-0.3kN/m2.

2. Size of steel hangar: 60m*40m*9m (Length* Width* Eave Height)

3. Primary Steel Structure: Welded H section steel with primer and facing anti-rusting painting, which will be bolted together at site

4. Secondary Framing: C Purlin, Tie Bar, Roof and Wall Support are formed as secondary framing

5. Bracing: Round steel is supplied with knee bracing and other supporting parts that need portal framing, which will improve the stability and durability of the whole structural building.

6. Roof Materials:V-950 Steel Sandwich Panel, 0.5mm/50mm Glasswool/0.5mm, White

7. Window: PVC Windows with security grills

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