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Production Workshop of Large Grain Transporter

Steel Structural Engineering-Production Workshop of Large Grain Transporter

Case introduction: This workshop is located in the  Hebei Province. The company mainly produces grain transporters. The building area of this workshop is 7580 square meters, 104.86 meters long, 72.28 meters wide, 9 meters high at eaves and 10.5 meters high at ridges. The total steel consumption reaches 227 tons, with an average steel consumption of 29.95 kg per square meter. The main steel frame uses Q345B steel plate to weld H-section steel, the wall uses V900 color steel tile, the top uses Angular Chill V820, and the sandwich layer uses 100mm 12kg glass wool for thermal insulation. The windows are made of plastic steel, which is 3 meters wide and 3.5 meters high. The doors are made of composite plate sliding doors, which are 4.5 meters high and 5 meters wide. The crane installed in the workshop has a load-bearing capacity of 20 tons, which is convenient for transportation.

Customer's requirements: good lighting, good material quality, good anti-corrosion effect of steel frame, long service life.

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