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How to cool down the steel structure factory building?

1、 Temperature Reduction by Thermal Insulation Film in Steel Workshop

The insulation film of steel structure factory building can insulate most of the solar radiation and heat transfer, and reduce the indoor greenhouse effect. Then the temperature of the factory building is greatly lowered to improve the environment of the steel structure factory building.

There are two common methods to choose:

1) Insulation cotton is added to the roof of steel structure workshop. Glass cotton is commonly used as insulation cotton on the roof. The commonly used thickness is 50 m m, 75 m m, 100 m m, and the density is 10 kg/m. Good equipment can generally reduce the indoor temperature by 5-8 C.

2) Spraying high-efficiency heat-insulating and reflective coatings on roof panels

The coating is 0.25mm thick, and its effect is equal to that of glass wool of 10cm-15cm. It can reflect 99.5% infrared ray, 92.5% visible light, the highest sound insulation effect is 68%, and the uniform sound insulation effect of steel structure workshop is more than 50%. After construction and before construction, the maximum temperature difference on the surface of the plate can reach 20 C, the indoor temperature difference can reach 8-10 C, and the energy consumption of the steel structure workshop can be reduced by 30-70%.

2、 Ventilation and Cooling of Steel Structural Workshops

Because some machines in the steel structure workshop produce heat and water vapor, if these heat and water vapor are not discharged in time, they will accumulate in the workshop, and then make the temperature rise of the steel structure workshop affect the environment of the steel structure workshop. The way to deal with these problems is to ensure the fair ventilation of the workshop and the appropriate ventilation system with appropriate equipment. The exhaust system equipment can obviously improve the air environment of steel structure workshop, and greatly reduce the temperature of steel structure workshop. No additional electricity is required, which is more environmentally friendly. Forced exhaust fan power fan is a kind of ventilation equipment driven by electric power, which has good ventilation effect.

3、 Forced cooling of cooling fans in steel plant

Forced cooling refers to the cooling fan on the roof of a factory building. The cooling fan is a machine that uses the principle of water cooling to cool the air and conveys the cooling air to the room by a strong exhaust fan. It can keep the indoor temperature of steel structure workshop at 26-30 C quiet.

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